Fuel prices rose by as much as Sh20 per litre for the first time in history record.


Ø  With the provision of the Finance Act 2023, the prices are inclusive of the 16% Value Added Tax.

Ø  The review shows that petrol price is increased by almost ksh 17, resulting in a new retail price of 211.64 per litre.

Ø   diesel was increased by approximately Ksh 21.32, new retail price of 200.99 per litre.

Ø  Kerosene increased by sh33.13, new retail price of 202.61 per litre. The most commonly used by many Kenyans households.



Epra made an announcement on Thursday,"The maximum allowed petroleum pump prices in Nairobi are as follows: Super Petrol increases by Sh16.96, Diesel increases by Sh21.32 per litre and Kerosene increases by Sh33.13 per litre."



For the first time in the Kenyan history, the price of fuel hiked by as high as sh20 per litre. Kenyans have expressed their anger after the Government made an announcement on Thursday night.

He further added that, "The prices are inclusive of the 16 per cent Value Added Tax in line with the provision of the Finance Act 2023."


This results were after the Government scrapped fuel subsidies. The Government further insisted that market forces are allowed to dictate the costs in the country.

However, angry Kenyans voiced their dismay on social media at the sharp rise in fuel prices. They claimed it would hurt them even more.


Angered oppositions supporters urged Kenyans to enjoy their own medicine after voting for the Kenya Kwanza Government despite being warned.

Meanwhile, Pro-government bloggers defended the government, claiming that the latest prices were in line with global scenarios of high fuel prices.


Angered Kenyans, called on opposition leader Raila Odinga to voice out about the latest fuel price hike. Kenyans feared that it would trigger higher commodity prices.



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