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How is Akothee?


Dennis Schweizer aka Omosh and her wedded wife have been trending since they both opened up on their marriage.

In a glamorous wedding, the two lovebirds tied the knot in April 10. The second wedding was to be held in July at Switzerland.

Miguna Miguna predicted divorce and emphasizes that he should be paid for giving Akothee advice.

Miguna the Lawyer has however disclosed that Akothee reached out to him and thanked him for warning her against wedding Dennis Schweizer.

How is Akothee?

Although, the couples wedding was graced as the wedding of the year. The 43-year-old mother of five had previously shared a lengthy post. The post revealed that she has been undergoing therapy and healing process in private.

“Infact am the only Kenyan celebrity that shakes the airwaves and occupy the airspace for a whole week. That shows you that I am me, the one and only table shaker and troublemaker.”” Mimi sirudi Soko, MIMI NDIE SOKO YENYEWE.” “Call police, shona kitenge for OJINGO the 8th.” “My life your ENTERTAINMENT.” “I don't have the version of Akothee you're looking for. The one i have is a TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT. Lakini si ni sawa, GOODNIGHT,” she consoled herself in a Facebook post.

Miguna miguna warned akothee

Miguna demanded to know more about Omosh background after they had previously met with Akothee. Miguna stated that, "I should start charging good fees for advice to politicians, celebrities, those conned by foreign crooks and vulnerable Kenyans trying to recover from tragedies of betrayal and political abracadabra. Wishing all innocent victims' strength!" 

Miguna alleged that the musician thanked him for his concern about her marriage. "To her credit, Akothee came to me and thanked me in person!" he said. 

Mathenge, Akothe’s wedding Could be Fake.

. Mathenge shared views in his Instagram stories. He questioned the authenticity of Akothee and Omosh wedding, his views were a genuine married wouldn't involve numerous celebrities as the ceremony was extravagant one. 

"If you love someone for real, you can't have a big wedding with all the big kahunas in town attending, all A-list celebs there, the most expensive rings, I don't know, imported gown...," Mathenge said. 

"You will look for a strong club and reserve one corner couch for the after-party! Only a DJ will give you 2k on the side to give them a shout-out! Tomorrow, take SGR or a polite flight to Diani and spend one week of honeymoon there! The rest of the money and the gifts you got now are for marriage! Enjoy the marriage!!" he added.

He also implied that Akothe’s wedding might have been a scripted event designed for public consumption. Omosh is compared as an actor in a music video.

 "Never be pressured by social media! Anything too good is just staged to look too good! It is a script with a scriptwriter, lights, sound, make-up, vfx, props and everything to make the movie cool," the comedian added. 


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